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10 Step Process of Translating


10 Step Process of Translating

1. IPI reviews the document to study the terminology, intent and content of the material. If typesetting is involved, the format must also be reviewed.

2. IPI provides a written estimate to the Client.

3. Once written approval is received, an IPI translator begins translation of the final English version. Any questions are discussed with the Client.

4. The first draft of the translation is given to an editor, along with the original document. This native speaker (also a translator, or an expert in the subject translated) checks the translation against the original to ensure accuracy of content. Questions of judgment may arise and the Client will be contacted before the completion of the translation.

5. The editor or IPI project coordinator inputs edits into the original translation.

6. The corrected translation is given to a proofreader. This translator reviews the final translation for flow, typographical errors and grammatical mistakes, and to verify that the document reads as one originally produced in the target language—not as a 'translation'.

7. The final stage involves the input of all proofreader changes and output of the final version. If no typesetting is involved, the completed translation (formatted to match the original) is given to the Client.

8. If typesetting is involved, IPI provides a disk to our selected typesetter (by language). At this step, the Client may proofread the translation prior to the typesetting process.

9. IPI translator then proofreads the typeset translation, ensuring that there are no typographical errors or incorrect word breaks.
VERY IMPORTANT: If the client is doing their own typesetting/layout, it is imperative that IPI be given a final version to review before printing. This will ensure accuracy, as accents and word breaks may change in converting the text.

10. The final product is delivered to the Client once the typeset translation is proofread and found to be error-free.



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