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Translation Services



Translation generally refers to "written" communication, such as a document, brochure, letter, etc., translated into another language.


translation servicesIPI offers translation in most modern languages. Our translators are much more than bilingual—they are formally trained, professional linguists in their native languages.

Our policy is QUALITY; we insist on the best from our translators, editors and typesetters. We have helped improve international communication by providing foreign language services to diverse clients ranging from advertising agencies and hotels to manufacturing operations, corporations and high tech businesses.



We can work with you on your presentation, brochure, ad copy, business card, technical manual, Web site and anything else that you would like to make accessible in a foreign language. IPI supplies typesetting in various formats for electronic or camera-ready output. We provide word processed files, EPS files, and other software files. We can also work with your graphics program disk.


IPI also provides translation and production coordination for video, audio and multi-media projects, including every step from location arrangement to providing voice-over talent.


Our Ten Step Translation Quality Process ensures accurate, high quality translation, incorporating frequent Client communication and constant review throughout each stage.


"I am continually impressed with the personal attention IPI gives to each of my projects involving language, large or small. It is a pleasure to be able to promptly reach a knowledgeable representative every time I call or e-mail."

Lee Reese
Director (former)
Metro Orlando International Affairs Commission



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