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Interpreting Equipment: Full Conference Systems


IPI uses only the best quality interpreting equipment with attractive, soundproof booths, state-of-the-art FM or infrared transmission systems, and all the peripherals a global meeting may require:




interpreting equipment




Soundproof Booths For Interpreting — Our soundproof booths are convenient and attractive. Each requires a 6 ft. by 6 ft. space, plus a two-foot clearance for the booth's rear door.


Interpreter Consoles, Mixers, Recording Devices —These are available in many configurations to cover a wide range of meeting formats.


Experienced, Full-Time Technicians — We have professionals who set up, coordinate and monitor interpreting systems at all times during your meeting, working in harmony with your audio/visual and production crew.


Delegate Units—These are also called push-to-talk microphones and are primarily for group and panel style discussions.


Portable Interpreting Equipment & Assistive Listening Device —Economical and perfect for efficient interpreting in smaller groups of international delegates, or when a small percentage of the total number of participants requires simultaneous interpreting – these are also ideal for tours, technical visits and meetings that require the group to be mobile.

Portable Interpreting Equipment Includes:

  • Small wireless FM transmitters worn by the interpreter, and wireless receivers for the audience.

  • Transmitters and receivers that can be set to various frequencies for privacy.

  • Ear phones that are small, comfortable and sanitary for international delegates' listening comfort and convenience.

  • This equipment is useful not only for foreign language interpreting, but also for assistive listening - both for the hearing impaired and for sites where noise may interfere with communication.


I want you to know that I appreciated your very friendly manner. You always asked what you could do to help or you anticipated what was needed. When you combine that attitude with language skills, you become invaluable in any conference environment. Thank you.

Linda Goecks, Director of Marketing Support,
New York Life Worldwide Holding Inc.

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